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It's the future present, today.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022


Nobody saw this coming, and yet we were stepping forward with our eyes open.

Nobody saw this coming, yet we knew it could happen.

Nobody saw this coming,… and suddenly it was here.

In recent weeks, people have often talked about how “unusual” this period feels. Because these are, of course, unusual times. What used to be ordinary and everyday seems now a luxury from a safe past. What used to be certainties no longer are today: seeing friends; feeling safe; going where you want to go; making plans… It has destabilised each of us. Sometimes it feels like we are standing still. And then the whole world seems to be immobilised with us. Sometimes it feels like running around restlessly. And with us the whole world seems in turmoil.

But these are unusual times indeed. And what used to be impossible now suddenly seems (un) ordinary. The pain points and weaknesses of a system are exposed in a crisis like this. We need today what could be postponed before. We are looking for solutions to absorb those pain points and weaknesses. It is what we (so very much) need today. It requires rapid change. It requires shaping the future today. But it also requires realising the future today. It is up to us to build a future, that is needed already today. It’s a future that assures #safeness, facilitates #togetherness and strengthens #wellness.

Nobody saw this coming, yet it is all happening today.

And even if we now can hardly see what will come, we do know what to do now.

It’s the future present, today.

Christophe Jauquet is a health marketing expert who inspires consumer businesses and healthcare organisations around the world. With his experience at the intersection of healthcare, marketing and technology, he guides companies and brands to remain relevant in the light of this Healthusiasm trend.



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