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" Healthusiasm is a cultural, societal and economic trend in which everyone - helped by companies and brands - aspires to be(come) as healthy & happy as possible. "

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Christophe Jauquet has written a marketing book called Healthusiasm - making customers healthy & happy. The book explains why people are actively involved in their health & happiness; what this means for companies and brands; and how they could win their customers' hearts by taking into account this health trend. 

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Everyone aspires to be healthy & happy.

Healthusiasm is a movement of people, more conscious than ever about physical and mental health, who are equally healthusiastic to affect their health and happiness. 

Every business is a health business.

Healthusiasm is about making customers healthy & happy. It creates value and competitive differentiation by focusing on the needs and expectations of customers as well as their life aspirations.

This marketing book explains how companies and brands can make their customers healthy & happy by designing better products, services and experiences. Discover it here.

Healthusiasm Keynote

  • How every business should and could become a health business today.

    price upon request

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