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" Healthusiasm is the enthousiasm we all have to be as healthy & happy as possible. "

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Healthusiasm is a transformational macro trend impacting all facets of life and work. Understanding its influence on society, technology, and business is essential. With these insights, you remain aligned with customer expectations and their Life Aspirations to create the value they are seeking: Customer Transformations.

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Healthusiasm keynotes, image of Christophe at a seminar

Healthusiasm Keynotes

Christophe is an entertaining storyteller with visually stunning presentations. His talks help companies see the bigger picture, putting health & happiness front and centre in how they approach customers, innovate, and plan for the future.

Healthusiasm trends graph

Healthusiasm trend

The Healthusiasm trend started in the 1980s and accelerated with the widespread of the internet, mobile devices, wearables and Artificial Intelligence to become one of the most impactful cultural shifts in today's world. 

Front of the Healthusiasm Book

1st Healthusiasm book

This book explains why people are more than ever conscious about and actively involved in their health and well-being. Furthermore, it elaborates on what this means for your patient, customer or consumer strategy, whatever industry you are active in today. 

Healthusiasm Model image

Healthusiasm model

In this health-conscious world, boundaries are blurring between the healthcare, wellness and lifestyle industries. The Healthusiasm model offers a complete overview of options to innovate your business strategy.

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2nd Healthusiasm book

"Trends in the Transformation Economy" by Christophe explores how industries are evolving to create healthier, happier, and more meaningful experiences for customers, based on his Healthusiasm principles. By focusing on Customer Transformations and aligning with customers' deepest life aspirations, businesses can drive innovations that enhance well-being and societal impact.

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Weekly Newsletter

This is a newsletter on Health, Business and Technology. Every week, Christophe amplifies the positive changes that make our world a little healthier and happier. If you haven't subscribed yet, join these 5000+ Healthusiasts on a mission to build a healthier future.

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Monthly Podcast

This is a monthly panel discussion on behaviours, innovations and trends in health and self-care. 

Christophe discusses with a panel of experts the positive changes that are shaping the future of our health and happiness. 


Healthusiasm Merch


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Healthusiasm Academy


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