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" For the past 20 years, I have worked as a health marketing and strategy expert for pharmaceutical and consumer companies. But never ever have I seen that many health trends, that offer companies and brands the opportunity to engage with their customers in a more valuable way. "

-Christophe Jauquet-
health business expert

Christophe is a business strategist with a focus on marketing, technology and customer-centricity


Over the past 20 years, he has collaborated with most pharmaceutical companies. Since 2014, retailers, beauty brands, insurance companies, cities, household and car brands, as well as food and consumer tech companies have also relied on his strategic insights. The overarching interest? To integrate health into the customer strategy.



Christophe has vast experience with
customer experience and digital health.


With concrete instruments and advice, he has helped set up many digital projects that yielded a valued experience to patients and health consumers. Today, Christophe guides companies and start-ups to realise their digital health ambitions and introduces them to each other.

Christophe believes that companies and brands can help make the world a healthier and happier place.


He is passionate about inspiring and advising business leaders, healthcare providers and entrepreneurs about these opportunities. Christophe closely tracks the relevant innovations and studies the social, cultural and technological trends contributing to this.

Christophe is an expert and author on health and wellness trends.


Since 2015, he has given many inspiring keynotes and creative work sessions to groups from more than 25 different countries. His clients are typically from the Pharma industry as well as from the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and B2B businesses. Christophe has also carried out a variety of projects for the healthcare and services sector. Each talk or workshop is adapted to the cultural, social reality and industry-specific situation.

Some personal tidbits:


The enthusiasm for trends and creativity arose from the passion for fashion as an adolescent. After graduating from Business school, Christophe completed a multi-year fashion design course and even ran a trends blog that reached a global audience. During Christophe's performances, you will often find that love for aesthetics or even visual perfectionism.

Christophe is also an undeniable fan of basketball. He watches the NBA everyday. Feel free to ask him for the latest events, player statistics or outstanding gameplays. But know that you are in danger of becoming entangled in a conversation that will not end anytime soon. It is also with this persuasiveness that Christophe brings his inspiration to his clients.

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