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Christophe Jauquet is a keynote speaker and author who brings inspiration & innovation to this Healthusiasm world

Every business 
is a health business


 People are increasingly looking to companies and brands to help them be(come) healthy & happy. This trend, called Healthusiasm, is a unique opportunity to create deeper connections with your customers.  Let us inspire you with trends and futures to innovate your business & customer strategy for this health-conscious world. 

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Context Analysis

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From expectations to aspirations, what health behaviours are shaping patient and customer experience?

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From digital health to digital humans, what health innovations change the outlook of your market

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From macro to micro trends, what health & self-care trends are

shaping the way health is managed? 

Christophe analyses the changing context in different industries
to inspire and create the future of (health) business. 

Watch Christophe's showreel

Christophe Jauquet is a keynote speaker, author, and health experience expert.

He has inspired business leaders from global life science and consumer companies 

to integrate health & well-being into the core of their business

and make their customers healthy & happy


Christophe helps consumer and life science companies make strategic decisions with less uncertainty and more confidence. With trends & foresights, he unlocks new opportunities, powerful innovation ideas and transformational experiences. 

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Bespoke Trend reports

Have a topic researched and receive tailor-made (trend) reports for your market, technology, customer segment or therapeutic area. 

Christophe is a researcher and author of books, articles and reports. (read the blog or trend reports)

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Inspirational keynotes

Inspire your team with personalised keynotes on health and future-related topics  relevant to your business objectives. 

For the past 7 years, Christophe inspired consumer companies and healthcare organisations with his visions about the future of health and society at large. (discover the keynotes)

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Innovation workshops

Unlock the business potential of this health-conscious world with propriety methods and workshops sessions to innovate your business. 

Based on his experience and insights, Christophe has built several models that help companies ideate and innovate. (learn more about the workshops or models)

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Strategic consultancy

Hire an external expert to think along or set up strategic innovation projects together with your team.

Christophe is a seasoned business manager who advises or leads critical strategic projects for start-ups and corporates. (are you a start-up or a corporation?)

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Read the book 'Healthusiasm'

Healthusiasm is a business book about this health-conscious world.

It provides answers to the following questions:
- Why does everybody wants to be healthy & happy ? 
- Why is every business a health business today ?
- How can you make your customers healthy & happy ?

Director of Strategy & Content, GIANT Health

"Healthusiasm" as a tangible and valuable consumer trend is well-researched and lays down the gauntlet to huge corporate brands to embrace and serve the wellbeing of their customers.

Senior Conference producer

Christophe presented at our European Health Insurance Event in Austria to an audience of C-level industry leaders. He is a remarkable speaker who brings an inspiring story in a compelling yet very appealing way.

Director Innovation, Sick Fund CM

Christophe succeeds in captivating his audience in an inspiring way and with a clear framework. In this way he helps my colleagues and me to make the best choices. 


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