health experience expert

Better customer experiences in a health-conscious world

Christophe is a health experience expert. As a speaker and author, he inspires companies and brands to design better products, services and customer experiences by taking into account the latest health trends. Christophe advises companies on innovation strategy, digital health and health marketing.

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Health experience

" Being healthy & happy is the single most important aspect in people's lives.

How valuable would it be if your customer experiences

would support customers in being healthy & happy? "



Do you want to create customer experiences that transform people and make them feel better?


For most companies and brands, customer experience is the main focus of competitive differentiation. But what to do when it becomes harder to differentiate? 

Too often, customer experience is considered the critical focus of customer relations. But customer engagement is actually achieved when companies and brands offer enough value to them. Beyond the needs and expectations, it is therefore essential to take people's life aspirations into account. Life aspirations are what makes people healthy & happy. They turn customer experiences into Customer Transformations.

Let's create healthier customer experiences together.




Do you want to create more engaging patient experiences that meet the expectations and life aspirations of people today?


Patients are more than ever engaged with their health, but why aren't they as much engaged with your products & services?


Too often, health solutions are merely made based on patient needs, particular to a situation. But patient engagement is actually achieved when the solutions provide enough value for patients. Beyond the needs, it is therefore essential to take people's expectations and life aspirations into account: expectations are driven by experiences from other parts of their life, life aspirations are what makes people healthy & happy.

Let's create engaging patient experiences together.

Christophe is the author of the marketing book healthusiasm, which offers companies & brands a new view on winning customers' hearts.
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