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Christophe Jauquet is a professional keynote speaker on trends in health, business & technology. 

What do people
value most in life?


 People value health & happiness most in their lives. That's why they are increasingly looking to companies and brands to help them be(come) healthy & happy.

This trend, called Healthusiasm, is a unique opportunity to create more value for customers, health consumers and patients in this Transformational Economy.

 christophe jauquet



Keynote Topics

Christophe interprets the societal, cultural and technological trends

to inspire business leaders from life sciences and consumer companies 

about the future of (health) business in this Transformational Economy. 

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Customer Centricity

How to differentiate from the competition by turning Customer Experience into Transformations?
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Why not innovate what matters most for your customers, drivers, consumers, visitors, and citizens,...?
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Future Trends

What relevant trends
shape the future of business
in this health-conscious world?

Watch Christophe's speaker reel

Christophe Jauquet is a keynote speaker, author and business strategist for a healthier future. He inspires business leaders with a unique and fresh perspective on Customer Centricity, Innovation and Future Trends.


Proprietary workshops

Following an inspirational keynote, Christophe supports teams with workshops to immediately ideate around health behaviours, innovations and future trends.

The following 2 objectives are achievable separately (1/2day) or combined (full day).

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Holistic Health Management

How to innovate for what matters most to us?

  • Understand how people manage health/disease

  • Map innovations and new market entrants. 

  • Grow your business beyond your market.

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Customer Experience

How to design better customer experiences?

  • Optimise existing customer/patient experiences.

  • Identify the desired value proposition

  • Turn experiences into transformations

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Read the book 'Healthusiasm'

Healthusiasm is a business book about this health-conscious world.

It provides answers to the following questions:
- Why does everybody wants to be healthy & happy ? 
- Why is every business a health business today ?
- How can you make your customers healthy & happy ?

Director of Strategy & Content, GIANT Health

"Healthusiasm" as a tangible and valuable consumer trend is well-researched and lays down the gauntlet to huge corporate brands to embrace and serve the wellbeing of their customers.

Senior Conference producer

Christophe presented at our European Health Insurance Event in Austria to an audience of C-level industry leaders. He is a remarkable speaker who brings an inspiring story in a compelling yet very appealing way.

Director Innovation, Sick Fund CM

Christophe succeeds in captivating his audience in an inspiring way and with a clear framework. In this way he helps my colleagues and me to make the best choices. 


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