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Making customers healthy & happy



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Why are people more conscious of their health today than ever before?

How can you truly make your customers healthy & happy?

What do health-conscious people expect from your company or brand?

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" In a world where technology increasingly meets our basic and social needs, people want to become the best version of themselves. A major aspect of this is that we aspire to be(come) as healthy and happy as possible. "

About the book

Healthusiasm not only describes the enthusiasm to live healthily and happily, but also explains what people expect from products, services and experiences in their quest for self-actualisation. The book challenges companies and brands to think about how they can help their customers in their aspiration.

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“As every company is bound to become a health company, this book convinces managers about the why, how and what of this evolution.”

Koen Kas, Healthcare futurist and author of Your Guide to Delight


“Health marketing is evolving rapidly. This book provides a great summary of this evolution and serves as a health marketing guide for companies. It should be mandatory reading for capability building in organisations.”

Nico Smets, Senior Global Marketing Director Above Brands and Digital Solutions, GSK

“Healthusiasm challenges pharmaceutical and other healthcare organisations to approach patients as consumers who are seeking solutions that meet their individual expectations.”

Erik Janssen, VP Digital Health Solutions, UCB

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“In the New Normal, all companies will try to offer customers the ultimate and mass-personalised well-being. Those that want to be prepared for this mega-trend, in whatever traditional industry they still are in today, need to read Healthusiam to be ready for the Day After Tomorrow.”

Rik Vera, co-founder of nexxworks and author of Managers the Day After Tomorrow


“Healthusiasm assembles a broad range of relevant health trends and generates contextual insights for healthcare stakeholders.”

Peter Geerlings, Chief Medical Information Officer, SJG Weert hospital

“I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to invest in building healthy ecosystems for their customers.”

Kristof De Smet, CEO, EnergyLab

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