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When things get tough...

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

When things are tough. We change. Our needs change. When a crisis hits us, our dreams and aspiration are no longer the same.

In past years, we’ve all aspired to become as healthy and happy as possible. We have been enthusiastic about our own health more than ever before. Something which I refer to in my book as Healthusiasm.

But we now live in times of pandemic and lockdown. A crisis has hit us and things are tough now.

So, have our needs changed? They sure have.

But The Healthusiasm trend has and will only become stronger. 

I mean, It was already very obvious in the first weeks of the pandemic. 

You’ve surely all noticed how quiet solitary places suddenly became packed with “corona walkers”. 

Maybe you, yourself, have found ways to quickly improve your own health of some sort: 

  • Perhaps you bought some additional vitamins

  • or looked for some healthy recipes that could quickly boost your immune system

  • Perhaps you’ve picked up running or cycling again, even it was as a reason to fled the house for an hour or two.

I see a lot of Healthusiasm today.

But things are tough. A crisis has hit us. And our lives have changed.

People live with fear, uncertainty and doubt now. 

Uncertainty about their health, their work or maybe even just about the (near) future. 

And when the dense smoke of this crisis clears, many will be left exhausted, both mentally and physically. From our healthcare heros, to the ones working in supermarkets, delivery companies, accountancy or law firms,.. to even those doing time with their family. 

And this should not to be underestimated. 

Already now people are seeking control. They look for reassurance. or for new strength. Simply because their basic needs have been under pressure, and quite frankly speaking - still will be for a while. Things like: Safety, work, health, or even sleep. All of these things feel different now. Less certain. 

So for some people, their ambitions and aspirations will perhaps no longer be as important. Good health will become a basic need. A hygiene factor, let’s say. Because they want to protect themselves from harm. That’s also why they will expect from brands and companies to protect them from danger as well. 

People will look for SAFETY.

For other people, safety will not be enough. They will seek for ways to shake off that exhaustion, that fatigue. To become healthier and happier again. They will want to be stronger, or in better shape. Perhaps they just want to be better prepared in case such a healthscare happens again. That’s why customers will look to companies and brands to help boosting their health again. 

People will search for NEW STRENGTH.

What ever the case: people are and will be even more focused on health than ever before. Their Healthusiasm will be even stronger.

This means that...

Your patients, your customers, your consumers, visitors, or your students,… whoever it may be your are dealing with… 

they will all knock on your doors, looking for safety or new strength. Perhaps they will look even for both. But these will be their most important needs, for a while to come.

Because when things are tough, when a crisis hits us, our needs change. And we all need safety and strength now.

Christophe Jauquet is a health marketing expert who inspires consumer businesses and healthcare organisations around the world. With his experience at the intersection of healthcare, marketing and technology, he guides companies and brands to remain relevant in the light of this Healthusiasm trend.



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