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What cartoons teach us

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Cartoons teach our kids a lot. 

Pinocchio teaches us that lying is wrong. 

Dumbo learns that it is ok to be different. 

Cars explains it is not only about winning. 

And my Little pony is about friendship. 

Cartoons teach us about the world we live in, about new emotions, life issues or even difficult choices. 

I’m sure you all recognise this: 

As a storyline unfolds, 

the character finds himself in a situation in which he or she needs to choose, 

and then his conscious comes into play. 

visually represented by a little angel and a little devil that pop up on their shoulder. each trying to convince him or her about their own conviction. 

The angel is talking about being nice. About trusting the other... About doing good for one and other. 

The devil on the other hand, well… he wants the character to be selfish… He wants the character to buy THOSE LAST 3 PACKAGES OF TOILETPAPER in the supermarket,... even if you still have some af home.

Because yes. We might not live in a cartoon. But our storyline has unfolded itself in such way, that more than ever, … our conscious comes into play. There is a little devil urging us to be selfish: 

  • We keep those mouth-masks to ourselves. Even while we are aware that hospitals are running out of them.

  • We quickly organised lockdown parties. Went to carnaval. Or set up a bbq with a dozen friends

  • We are closing the borders of our countries and applying our own set of rules to deal with this crisis.

  • Or we even try to order a huge pile of Corona tests, so huge...    that it actually would mean that no other country would have some at their disposal any more...

That’s the devil talking.

And yet… we all know deep down inside… that the only way to get out of this crisis… is by working together. It’s that angel voice, sitting on our other shoulder that is telling us that we need to be nice. That we need to trust each other and collaborate. 

  • People are now sewing mouth-masks from their homes for hospitals in need.

  • Supermarkets are delivering groceries to nurses and doctors’ homes. 

  • We drop food on the curb of older people’s houses, so that they don’t need to leave their homes.

  • We donate phones to hospitals so that corona patients can stay in touch with their family. 

  • governments are taking several tax and financial measures to help society.

  • Chinese nurses and cuban doctors are flying into Italy to help out in the overly crowded hospitals

That’s... the angel talking

We were living our every day lives, when suddenly our storyline unfolded and our conscience came into play. 

It’s hard to say where we will go from here. But one is sure: that little angel and devil…? they are not going anywhere. They will remain there….

sitting on our shoulders, 

trying to influence us. 

So just like in the storyline of a cartoon, let’s think twice before acting upon it. 

And let’s all find ways to work together with your competitors, your partners, your neighbours, your friends and yes… your customers. 

Let's help each other. Let's collaborate. 

We all 

really need 

this togetherness.

Because only with togetherness,… 

This story. 


End well. 

That’s also what we teach our kids,... when they watch cartoons. 

Christophe Jauquet is a health marketing expert who inspires consumer businesses and healthcare organisations around the world. With his experience at the intersection of healthcare, marketing and technology, he guides companies and brands to remain relevant in the light of this Healthusiasm trend.



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