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Pharma's Healthcare Innovation Hub

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Pfizer works on digital patient solutions from (1) pharmaceutical manufacturing to (2) meaningful therapy additions. The two Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg offer customized and flexible collaborations to jointly realize start-up ideas.

It's about co-creation with Pfizer

Pfizer knows that the best solutions originate from collaboration at eye level. The Healthcare offer is not only intended for start-ups, but also spin-offs, tech-companies and other digital innovators. Pfizer provides individualised support to each of their partners and do not work on the principle of ‘one size fits all’. Whether provided access to the Pfizer network of experts, mentoring, market insights or sales partnerships – the tailor-make collaborations are suited to the start-ups' most relevant need.

The Pfizer Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg connect Pfizer concern with digital innovators from the healthcare segment.

Digitalisation has firmly established itself in the healthcare sector with numerous new and creative solutions. The objectives are diverse: making the everyday lives of physicians and patients easier, improving the results of therapy or enabling patients faster access to innovative medicines. Pfizer founded the Healthcare Hub Berlin in 2014 to make the best of these opportunities. A forum for ideas that breaks new ground in healthcare. Four years later, this was followed by the founding of the Pfizer Healthcare Hub Freiburg at the company’s local production facility.

  • The Berlin Hub focuses on digital solutions beyond the pill, which complement existing products and therapies to the benefit of both physicians and patients.

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub is an integral component of Berlin’s healthcare start-up ecosystem. It provides support for numerous start-up initiatives such as hackathons at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam and ‘Hacking Female Health’ from Hacking Health. Pfizer is also an active member of the Digital Pharma Working Group of Bitkom.

Pfizer Hub in Berlin does not act as an accelerator or incubator in the course of a predefined programme, we focus on the respective challenges faced by the partners as they arise. The collaboration with entrepreneurs always takes place on a level playing field. The range of supportive measures the hub provides is extremely flexible. But they are concentrated on three key areas: education and information, earlier and better diagnosis and adherence.

  • The Hub in Freiburg focuses on the combination of life-sciences with technological issues and develops innovative and sustainable solutions for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in collaboration with digital pioneers.

Founded in March 2018 as an in-house innovation platform with a direct link to the production site, the Freiburg Hub offers a wide range of opportunities for digital innovators. As a research-driven pharmaceuticals manufacturer, Pfizer's objective is to get innovative medical products to our patients as quickly as possible. They pursue this objective throughout the entire development process. A decisive step in this is manufacturing. The options offered by digitalisation enable to continuously monitor and optimise all processes in the plants.

The two hub sites link Berlin’s vibrant start-up ecosystem with the economically strong and innovative Baden-Württemberg region. The network established is the backbone of the Pfizer innovation axis in Germany. The Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg are part of an international Pfizer network. Today there are hubs in 15 countries around the world which are modelled on the Berlin Hub. The hubs engage with pioneers in the co-creation of digital solutions for better patient care – a global team of healthcare specialists who are dedicated to helping you.

Pfizer offers start-ups, spin-offs und tech companies perfectly tailored collaboration concepts for the realisation of their ideas. Together with these digital innovators, they work in co-creation on digital solutions and intentionally avoid taking the role of an accelerator or incubator. As a matter of fact, the collaborations are all flexible and individualised to meet the partners’ needs. They make things happen. With mentoring by the Pfizer network of experts in areas such as medicine, production and market access, to sales partnerships, market know-hows and access to the Pfizer network and its hubs in 15 countries, Pfizer provides support that is always precisely coordinated with respective needs.



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