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The Health & Self-care Trends for 2023

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Surely you might have heard about most Industry and Technology trends. But what about the "health behaviour trends"? This keynote brings you the most meaningful evolutions in health & self-care. Yes, it will also include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, health platforms and other innovations you might have on your radar or have heard of before. But it will bring the trends that really impact the way we go about health: Our Health Behaviours. Here are a couple of examples of game-changing Health & Self-care trends you should know about: ✅ Personal Science ✅ Harmonised Health ✅ Disease paradigm ✅ Metabolic Mastery ✅ Aspiration Moderation ✅ ... These trends all have in common that they put people at the centre. After all, health & self-care is driven by humans and the way they go about technological or industry changes. FOR WHOM? For all business leaders active in medical, health, well-being and self-care. WHY? Because these health & self-care trends will impact the success of your products, services and experiences OUTCOME? The keynote generates a better understanding of what drives the patients or health consumers. It will help in optimising existing products & services and identify new areas of innovation.

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