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Self-care defies Healthcare

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Service Description

The self-care industry is already bigger than the Healthcare industry today. But what’s more, its services and experiences are putting pressure on whether and how healthcare will succeed in the not-so-distant future. What should the healthcare industry prepare for in light of these changes? This talk enlightens any health & self-care leader about evolutions they can no longer ignore if they want to remain relevant in tomorrow’s society. It treats topics that became even more relevant since Covid, like the impotence of prevention, the rise of personal science, the irrelevance of diseases and the omnipresence of health-focused businesses. FOR WHOM? For all managers and coaches active in medical, health, well-being and self-care, interested in future scenarios for health management WHY? Because self-care is radically changing the ways we manage our health. This also has repercussions for the healthcare industry OUTCOME? This talk will inspire about dominant evolutions most people haven't thoughts about because they are slowly happening in the margin. Nevertheless, these evolutions are bound to impact our Healthusiasm world majorly.

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