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A quick analysis for quick wins in patient experience (with a particular program or product)

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* WHY AN OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT? During our daily work rush, taking distance and evaluating potential opportunities or quick wins is often challenging. We first want to tick off the to-do list that was still lingering since yesterday. Before we know it, we are working on future projects with yesterday's reality. However, there is so much knowledge readily available. It's just a matter of having it quickly assembled and analysed to make a significant impact. * WHAT IS AN OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT? This exercise is a straightforward action any business owner can quickly initiate to get patient programs kickstarted. It gathers current and new information to analyse against the Healthusiasm philosophy and gain quick wins and longer-term aspirations for your business. The outcome is a structured, visual report highlighting the priorities within your current business reality (including time and money limitations). * HOW IS AN OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT BUILT? This off-the-shelf product contains a semi-fixed approach that requires 4 working days to execute upon availability: > Day 0: Virtual in-take & briefing > Day 1: six internal interviews (external can be planned as well) or a half-day internal workshop > Day 2-4: review existing patient journey research and the current patient experience (based on available internal data) + complete with secondary research on patients (behaviour), competition (innovations) and context (trends) > Day 5: advice to improve patient experience (pdf + zoom) * WHY Christophe Jauquet? Christophe Jauquet is an internationally recognised author & keynote speaker. He is a visionary at the intersection of health, marketing and technology who captivates his audience with persuasive yet actionable messages on the future of health business. Before starting his own business, Christophe held various roles as an intrapreneur at Pfizer Inc., for which he has been recognised with several global innovation awards. Later, he further developed his expertise by working - amongst others - with pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Sanofi & GSK and consumer brands like L'Oreal, Nestlé & Pepsi. Deloitte has quoted Christophe in their 2022 Global Life Sciences Outlook, and Healthcare Transformers (by Roche) features him as a patient experience expert. Christophe also hosts a global renown podcast on the US-based 'Shift Forward Health' podcast channel for change markers in healthcare BOOK A 30-MIN CALL NOW TO DISCUSS THIS OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT

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