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We spend most time at work or at home. Restaurants, bars and sport facilities are considered the places where we spend the 3rd most time. But for many people, this is not the case. In fact, in many countries, our mode of transportation is the place where people spend the third most time. Just like our homes and our work are turning into transformative spaces where we focus on our health & well-being, so also is mobility becoming increasingly important for health management. This keynote talks about the why and how of this evolution. It shines an inspiring light on where this trend is evolving next. The talk applies tools and models that can be used to continue to grow and develop in this market. FOR WHOM: For business leaders and innovators who are working on the future of mobility WHY: The car is the ideal place to work on your health, none the least the self-driving car. OUTCOME: The audience will be inspired by how the Healthusiasm trend impacts the competitive landscape of mobility. A ton of global examples will inspire the audience about the urgency, the type and the future of mobility. The tools explained will help the audience get started to improve and innovate around this trend.

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