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In a world where are more than ever occupied with becoming the best possible version of themselves, good business will be the highest valued business. This is also very much true in the Food & Drinks market in which people more than ever want to act to eat better. Therefore, companies and brands need to focus on making customers & happy. This keynote talks about the why and how of this evolution. It shines an inspiring light on where this trend is evolving next. It highlights 4 dominant trends for the coming years: Activism, Activating, Actively, Actual. The talk also applies tools and models that can be used to continue to grow and develop in this market. FOR WHOM: For business leaders in the food and Restauration industry WHY: You are what you eat. We take about 300 food decisions per day. How can we help our customers feel good, healthy & happy by acting the right way? OUTCOME: The audience will be inspired by how the Healthusiasm trend impacts the foods and drinks industry. A ton of global examples will inspire the audience about the urgency, the type and the future of healthy eating/drinking. The tools explained will help the audience get started to improve and innovate around this trend.

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