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Money has always topped the 'not to discuss' list, alongside sex, death and politics. Today, a culture in search of authenticity and well-being is breaking the taboo of money – transforming finance from a quiet, one-size-fits-all industry to one that is more humane, empathetic and, dare we say, fun. Previously, the financial services industry believed people were leaving their mental and emotional selves at the door when engaging with money. But money is often seen as the number one cause of stress for all generations and genders. Today more than ever, we are looking at our relationship with money beyond accounting. Financial wellness isn't just about knowing how to invest, create a budget, or ask for a raise (although those are also important), but it's a consideration with how we holistically understand how to achieve well-being in our lives. This keynote talks about the why and how of this evolution. It shines an inspiring light on where this trend is evolving next. The talk applies tools and models that can be used to continue to grow and develop in this market. FOR WHOM: For business leaders from within the financial world. WHY: Financial services are increasingly considered as health & well-being impacting products. OUTCOME: The audience will be inspired by how the Healthusiasm trend impacts the competitive landscape for financial services. A ton of global examples world will inspire the audience about the urgency, the type and the future of financial services. The tools explained will help the audience get started to improve and innovate around this trend.

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