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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence will probably have the biggest impact on the health & self-care industry, beyond any other industry: From diagnosis and prediction to personalised medicine, from mental health to healthcare processes that include virtual care and wearables. All these changes will radically impact the way we deliver healthcare. But how big is the impact then on the patients and health consumers? How do we need to prepare for what they will expect? Because thanks to AI, patients and health consumers will have more health literacy leading to radical shifts in trust towards healthcare providers. On top of that, they will demand more personalised care that needs to be faster, more efficient and remote without jeopardizing their privacy concerns. But there are also downsides or risks to patients and health consumers. Over-reliance on AI might impact our consciousness; accessibility might not be equitable; biases and errors might bring ethical dilemmas; and human interaction might become secondary. This talk will shine a light on these changes and will prepare both healthcare, wellness and consumer organisations for the impact AI will have on patients and health consumers. FOR WHOM? For all managers active in healthcare, wellness or consumer industries that are (or will be) focused on making their customers healthier and happier WHY? Because Artificial Intelligence will have a direct impact on how we manage our health & happiness; and how our health is managed by "others". But it will even have an indirect impact on our health and hpapines OUTCOME? This talk will help the audience understand what the impact of artificial Intelligence will be on patients and health consumers. Instead of just focusing on the technology, the audience will better understand what this evolution means for their customers and how they need to help them.

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