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#003 Apple Vision Pro

How devices like the Apple Vision Pro may be the necessary interface with new Artificial Intelligence-driven technologies such as the Metaverse, Augmented Reality, and Robotics.

Newsletter Apple Vision Pro


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Apple Vision Pro

This week, I would like to talk about the impact of recent technological innovations on our life together. More specifically, it is about how Apple Vision Pro is an essential first achievement among other early technological innovations that paint a clear picture of the near future. In this future, we will have to be mindful of how we will use such innovations. This is what this newsletter (and my keynotes) are always about: considering what is most important to each of us, namely our health and well-being.

For this newsletter, kick back your feet and listen to the following musical perfection by former Portishead lead singer Beth Gibbons:

"Without control, I'm heading towards a boundary that divides us."

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You probably won't have missed the launch of the Apple Vision Pro: from the influencers who walked down the street with it to the fantastic feature reveals and the health complaints (neck pain, dizziness, dry eyes, etc...) that were reason enough to return the device. Opinions were clearly divided. Some thought it was an iPhone moment. Others refused to see a future in which such glasses would fill our daily lives.

We also discussed it on The Healthusiasm Podcast with our Panel, especially the role the device could have in health and self-care. Remarkably enough, the launch of the Apple Vision Pro was not about health or even sports. But in this episode, we discussed several possible applications: telemedicine and Chronic pain treatment (e.g. Jolly Good), medical education and training (e.g. Complete HeartX health app, CyranoHealth, CellWalk), surgical assistance (e.g. eXeX), mental health treatments (e.g. multiple patients onwards).

Many of these applications are similar to what VR-only devices are doing. An exception may have been the early diagnosis, with the advanced eye-tracking technology capable of picking up conditions such as vertigo or even early signs of a stroke or dementia. This is currently being studied by Medical researchers at Essen University Hospital in Germany. Can the Apple Vision Pro analyse eye movements to surface such warnings?

But the panel discussion between Mo Zouina, Dr. Keith Grimes, Aline Noizet and myself went a lot further: be sure to check it out via this link:

The healthusiasm podcast

The Healthusiasm Take:

Whether you are a fan of the Apple Vision Pro or not, it is interesting to place it within other technological innovations that are increasingly emerging. I am thinking of the many objects around us that collect data on which we can unleash an intelligent algorithm: Our wearables collect information about our bodies; electric cars with self-driving ambitions collect data about the objects they pass; heating systems try to capture the environment; and so forth. The entire world (and ourselves) is thus converted into data that Artificial Intelligence can use. But the more data we collect, the easier it becomes to build a virtual version of reality in parallel (metaverse) or as a virtual layer on top of the real world (Augmented reality) with which we can interact. Technologies such as OpenAI's video generator, called SORA, can also help in (re)creating that virtual world. It was not without reason that it was referred to at launch as "a simulation creator of the real world". The emerging wave of robots is another example based on collecting data and mapping our environment. Are you doubting the importance of these innovations? Well, look at the success of Nvidia's stock market value. They bring the necessary computing power (GPUs) and a textbook example of a digitised world (the Omniverse).

But in this new technological world, we will need devices to use or control these various technological innovations. And that is precisely what (a device like) the Apple Vision Pro will bring. It is a new way of computer-human interface. To interact with technology, we've evolved from stationary (desktop) to wearable (laptop) and then handheld computers (smartphones). Headsets, like the Apple Vision Pro, will facilitate Spatial Computing as the necessary means of interacting with these new AI-powered technologies like the metaverse, robots and augmented reality. In that way, the device will be our new operating system for AI-driven digital components mixed with the real world around us.

Life Aspirations

The coming together of these technologies will profoundly change our society, especially our interactions with the world around us (including people). Considering what is important to people in this new world will be vital. Because when technology changes faster than humans can adapt (emotionally, socially, culturally), this leads to mini/macro moments of human crisis. For example, social media aimed to connect people with each other. Still, it has led to the greatest loneliness crisis in human existence. Such human shock is also expected with this new wave of technologies. Therefore, it will be essential for any creator or distributor always to consider what really matters to people: Life Aspirations. Chapters 2 and 5 of my new book (Release date May 2024), will explain in detail how you can get started with these Life Aspirations.

These insights are also part of my Top Trending keynote: Beyond Artificial Abundance.

Click on the image to discover more.

Christophe Jauquet keynote on Artificial Intelligence


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