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The Medical Metaverse

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I haven't been that excited since my thesis in 2001. Back then, I was researching the future of the mobile internet. While essential elements were missing to make mobile internet a success at that moment in time, I felt an intense excitement for the opportunities ahead. For the past year, I have felt that same excitement for the Metaverse. This keynote inspires us about the future that lies ahead. Many people talk about how the Metaverse will shape the future. Our world will have one or many virtual worlds in parallel. It's the embodiment of the internet in which we will walk around. Now, if this so definitely bound to happen, what does it mean for health & self-care? How will the medical services evolve into this virtual existence? Listen to this keynote and think along with me. FOR WHOM? For all business leaders active in medical, health, well-being and self-care, interested in future scenarios for health management WHY? Because these health & self-care trends will impact the success of your products, services and experiences OUTCOME? The keynote provides a look into an unimaginable future that becomes a reality as we speak. It makes teams reflect that current initiatives might not be that unrealistic after all, and motivates them to move ahead with innovations.

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