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Patient Experience

Learn how patients are increasingly engaged with their own health.

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Service Description

Patient empowerment has been a topic ever since the 1980s. But It really became impactful when Dr Google emerged. From that point, everything changed more radically. Today, the patient is simply no longer patient. Christophe Jauquet is a speaker with 20+ years experience in healthcare. For the past 7 years, he has has been inspiring companies on Patient Centricity and Patient Experience in +25 different countries. He has worked with 80% of the top 20 pharma companies in the world. His most popular keynote is called: “The Patient is no longer Patient”. It takes a broader view on what is important for patients (read: humans), and contains concrete actionable tools to get started with a patient-centric mindset. The keynote has been given on numerous occasions in +25 countries. Main clients of this keynote are life science companies, hospital and (med)Tech companies. The talk has been presented on events that were focused on Patient Experience, Digital health or the future of Health as well. Here's some of the topics handled during this talk; 1. Patients don’t want to wait 2. Patients want better experience 3. Patients want to be involved 4. Patients want more than medical care. During this motivational talk, you will learn how patients have changed, how they are still changing, and what changes will be expected further down the road. Take a sneak peek into the present future to optimise your own business to your most important stakeholder's reality. Non-exhaustive list of some Fortune 500 clients for this keynote: - Pfizer - GSK - J&J - Roche - Takeda - Amgen - Lilly - Merck - Novartis - Sanofi - Takeda - Unilever - Nestlé - Axa - Ageas - L’Oreal - Pepsi Via the button below, you can book a moment in my calendar to discuss your interest in this topic. Let's talk about how I can address your needs with this inspirational session.

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