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If there is one change that will last in the post-covid era, it is the way we will look at our homes. Being forced to stay at home during lockdown radically changed the way we perceive and what we expect from our houses. It was supposed to be the safest place on earth. It was also expected to be a place where we can work on our health or recover when our health worsened. This keynote talks about the role our homes play in managing our health. But instead of focusing on what technology can do, the story is about human aspirations. People increasingly aspire their houses to help them in be(com)ing healthy & happy. Let's have a look at what these 6 life aspirations are. FOR WHOM: For business leaders and creators involved in designing, organising or selling home-related products and services. WHY: Because homes are the biggest investments people make in their health. OUTCOME: The audience will be inspired by what drives people at home. They will understand what life aspirations are important for people, and what aspects of health management they'd love to undertake at home. The talk will shine an entire light on how to organise or design houses, as well as instigate ideas for home products and services.

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