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Healthusiasm describes the enthusiasm to live healthily and happily and explains what people expect from products, services, and experiences in their quest for self-actualisation. The book challenges companies and brands to think about how they can help their customers in their aspiration. It offers new and more engaging ways to speak to the hearts of customers. 

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Businesses managers often struggle to comprehend what people want, desire or aspire to. However, the past year has taught us something valuable, that we - in fact - already knew very well: being healthy and happy is essential to each of us.

Our next speaker is the author of the marketing book called Healthusiasm - making customers healthy & happy. A book that builds upon his 20-year experience as a health marketeer. 

He has developed his expertise by working with pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Pfizer & GSK, and Consumer Brands like L'Oreal, Nestlé & Pepsi, and has been recognised with several global innovation awards during his career.

Today, he will talk about how companies and brands can win their customers' hearts by taking into account the latest health trends when creating products, services and experiences.


Please, show some Healthusiasm to welcome our next speaker: Health Experience Expert - Christophe Jauquet. 

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