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No time or lack the "future thinking" expertise internally?
Then have the ongoing and future changes analysed for you to help your team take strategic decisions with confidence. Turn game-changers in near-future opportunities.
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Be prepared for the game changers
in health & self-care

Investigate the future

Trend-driven marketing

The world is changing at the speed of light. That's why marketing is more data- as well as trend-driven today. Understanding trends turned into a necessity for companies and brands to keep up and engage with customers and patients.

Foresight-based strategy

Opportunities arise exponentially today. That's why it's better to include some foresight and scenario planning into the strategic process today. Foresight turned into a necessity for teams to make strategic decisions with confidence.

External change is the only constant. But ever since Covid turned the world upside down, companies have been thinking about future scenarios more than ever. I'm convinced that this new 'consciousness' will accelerate innovation.

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the 3change model

Get a tailor-made report on how your customers, market and business context are changing. Identify the relevant business priorities to make your customers healthy & happy.

Use cases

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Mitigate the risk and maximise the impact of ongoing or potential changes on your business
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Include future scenarios in your strategic plan to realise long term ambitions with less uncertainty
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Innovate around game changers that matter most to seize the right opportunities for growth.
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