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In this health-conscious world, customers are expecting more than a convenient experience. They are looking at healthcare and consumer companies to help them be(come) healthier and happier. Discover how every company can design a meaningful customer strategy.


Turn experiences into customers transformations

Customer strategy
for this health-conscious world

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 Consumer business

Turn experiences into customer transformations to create more value

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Healthcare business

Design patient experiences that make them more engaged with their disease.

When it comes to customer experience, I assess that many companies and brands have fallen in love with digital (and technology in general). It still stems from their inward focus on processes. But in reality, it should never start with the what or how. It always should start with the why. That's why I believe we can make better experiences by focussing first on what people expect and aspire to.

Christophe jauquet



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Transformation model

Competitive differentiation is made by creating value for your customers. This model helps consumer - and healthcare companies to design the most engaging customers experiences that transform their customers. 

Use cases

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Customer transformations are a means to differentiate your customer experience from competition.
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It's not always easy to be customer-centric. Creating a simple and stupid CX culture supports an organisation always to bring the right experience. 
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Customers are more engaged by customer transformations because they provide more value for them than products or services. 

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