" I will explain why Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the most promising health company in the world; why one should not make a difference between patient & customer expectations; and why I stopped using the word 'healthcare' 5 years ago... "


Christophe dissects and structures the patient and customer expectations in the light of the Healthusiasm trend. He brings a compelling story with visually slick slides, recognisable examples and eye-opening insights you can immediately start working with.

Most popular topics

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The healthy customer explains why people are involved in their health today more than ever. It helps companies, brands and organisations understand the importance of it, but it also structures how they can approach this increasing dominant customer need of be(com)ing healthy & happy

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The patient is no longer patient carefully tells the story of why patients are no longer the patients as we used to know them. It lays out the different main expectations patients have towards  healthcare providers and companies dealing with patients. This talk is about patient centricity and how to start implementing it. 

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Making customers healthy & happy talks about the latest expectations people have when it comes down to be(com)ing healthy & happy. It starts from the 'why' but quickly shifts to the 'how' companies can make their own customers healthy & happy. It's a trend report of the customer expectations towards companies, brands and healthcare providers.

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Work healthy, play happy is an inspirational keynote on the expectations of employees towards their employer. Based both on current trends in corporate wellbeing, as well as trends in employee expectations, this talk wants to motivate employers and employees to be(come) healthy & happy. After all, you can't do for you customers what you don't do for your employees.

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" Healthusiasm" as a tangible and valuable consumer trend is well-researched and lays down the gauntlet to huge corporate brands to embrace and serve the wellbeing of their customers. "

Maxine Birgminham, Founder. 

" I was blown away by his vision on brand experiences."

Nico Ruell, Founder Butik Agency

" It's an inspiring presentation about consumer trends focusing on health, supported by some interesting models and cases. Christophe combines sector expertise with passion for the topic and top Notch presentation skills. "

Jan De Lanker, Founder Braintower

" Christophe gave us an inspiring insight about patient & customer expectations and how they are changing in this actual VUCA world we are living in. "

Rudy Maertens, CEO AZ Alma

" Christophe presented at our European Health Insurance Event in Austria to an audience of C-level industry leaders. He is a remarkable speaker who brings an inspiring story in a compelling yet very appealing way.  "

Meriem Seghir, Sr conference product Euro Events MRI

" Christophe was the perfect kick-off for one of the organized experienced by nexxworks. He was able to inspire them on what the future of healthcare is and provide a glimpse on what solutions are already out there.  "

Matthias De Clercq, CCO nexxworks