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2020 created momentum for pharma: HOW to grab it -- in promo NOW

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In 2020, the outside world not only started paying more attention to pharma. People also began to listen to them. Inside pharma, things were getting moving as well: we saw initiatives been taken more than ever before. Digital health & patient experience were all the buzz: Teams were assembled; Projects were initiated; Time and resources were invested. During this keynote, Christophe will explain the dynamics of this momentum. He will reveal how pharma can grab that opportunity and get things moving for the better. Using the 'momentum formula', pharma can make strides in digital health and patient experience. The benefit for companies? This talk rallies the troops and offers them immediate, tangible guidelines to build upon and really grasp the opportunities of this momentum This online promotion is valid until the end of May 2021. Click on the "Book Now" button to reserve your most convenient moment directly in my calendar to discuss your needs. Or send me a mail via (subject: pharma momentum). * Benefit from a 50% discount and book this keynote before the end of May 2021 *

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