The (beyond) market analysis

Desk Research that analyses influences in and beyond your own market

  • 7,500 euros
  • online briefing - offline reporting

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"Expect the unexpected." We often tend only to follow the evolutions in our market. But, of course, neither customers nor companies are constrained by a market's boundaries. Customers are influenced by the experiences they gain in other sectors. Companies more often undertake initiatives that are not necessarily limited to one industry. Which (new) expectations of customers - gained in other sectors - influence your company? Which (new) services or players could soon have an impact on your business? Which existing trends should you not miss? Because it is not easy to look beyond your market, ask a subject expert to analyse these evolutions. Approach: The most critical business objectives are discussed during the online briefing. A broad analysis is then performed for 4.5 days. This analysis consists of desk research and addressing relevant people from the vast network. Subsequently, a presentation is made with the most important findings. These are shared in a live (offline - if allowed) meeting and discussed with the team. Via the button below, you can book a moment in my calendar to talk about your particular case. Let's discuss how I can address your needs and answer your questions with this research.

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