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Brainstorm buddy? Workshop participant? Another opinion? Creativity?

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Are you working on a project or a business that could benefit from a boost of ideas, some extra dynamism, or a critical view on things? Would you love to brainstorm on the challenges in front of you? Or would you like to invite an external opinion into your workshops? Then I have just one recommendation for you: Invite my creative brain to add a supplementary layer of expertise into your thinking. From global strategic shifts to the local implementation of projects, I've been invited to tons of meetings and conversations as an expert. Clients vary from large corporations to early seed start-ups from different industries. The one common denominator? They all needed an expert's opinion. You can book brainstorm moment, dynamic discussion, or workshop participation directly into my calendar with the button below. For offline sessions, my involvement is a maximum of 3 consecutive hours. Prices don't include potential preparation or an inspiring keynote but can be added to my involvement scope. Let's get this party started.

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