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Desk Research to study a specific situation or change in a market

  • 4,800 euros
  • online briefing - offline reporting

Service Description

"Fortune favours the prepared mind." Is a strategy change necessary? Is there a new player in your market? Are you going to launch a new service? Or do you want to sift through an underexposed part of the market? It is not always easy to take the time to research this thoroughly enough. While this often lays the foundation for future success. Nobody will doubt that. That is why it can be interesting to engage an expert who can quickly and clearly scan the market to answer your questions. This service offers a market analysis (3 days of desk research and possibly some interviews with important actors). The intake is done online. It lists the 3 most important questions to which an answer must be given. The reporting is an open conversation that can occur physically (if allowed). Via the button below, you can book a moment in my calendar to talk about your particular case. Let's discuss how I can address your needs and answer your questions with this research.

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