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Desk Research to shape today's and tomorrow's future-proof business

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"The future starts today." What we do today determines what / who we are or what we can do tomorrow. Therefore, it is best to make every decision today with a thorough understanding of the future. But often, we see that many decisions are made just as a response to yesterday's reality. Projects are initiated to do the same as yesterday, in today's guise. In contrast, people build better insight into what could or should happen tomorrow. Approach: During a 2-hour intake interview (offline if allowed), we discuss your business's challenges. We delve deeper into yesterday's difficulties, today's reality and tomorrow's ambitions. Then, during 6.5 (non-consecutive) days, a deeper investigation is conducted into the different dynamics that (will) influence your business. The research will primarily be done through desk research. Also, further discussions can be set up with people in your organisation and with experts, customers, or partners from (beyond) your market. The findings are summarised in a visual report and presented during an interactive session of at least 2 hours. A meeting is scheduled a month later to test any new questions or concerns. Via the button below, you can book a moment in my calendar to talk about your particular case. Let's discuss how I can address your needs and answer your questions with this research.

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