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Employee engagement is critical today because it directly impacts the success of an organization. When employees are engaged, they are more committed, productive, and motivated to contribute to the organisation's success. Engaged employees also tend to have a more positive attitude, which can improve customer satisfaction and overall morale. In today's competitive job market, employee engagement is even more crucial. High levels of engagement can help attract and retain top talent, reduce turnover rates, and increase employee loyalty. Engaged employees are also more likely to recommend their organization as a great workplace, which can lead to a positive reputation and increased business opportunities. Furthermore, employee engagement has become even more critical with the rise of remote work and the increased emphasis on work-life balance. Engaged employees are likelier to thrive in a remote work environment and maintain their productivity and motivation while working from home. Additionally, organizations that prioritize employee engagement are better equipped to offer work-life balance programs that support their employees' well-being, which can improve retention rates and overall job satisfaction. This keynote talks about the importance of providing the right employee experience and sheds light on how to establish those: what are the expectations and life aspirations, why they are essential and how a company should meet these. Remark: this keynote does not explain how companies should implement the best corporate well-being approach. It rather discusses how to create internal experiences that engage employees even more because it meets their expectations and life aspirations. FOR WHOM? For business leaders and HR managers who want to reflect upon employee engagement WHY? Engaging employees has become increasingly difficult and important for companies. This talk inspires the audience to look at employees from a different angle and (re)discover new angles to become more meaningful for them OUTCOME? The keynote looks forward to the increasing importance of employee experience. It will highlight the WHY of this evolution, and explain HOW every company can optimise the experience by taking into account the different expectations and life aspirations employees might have. Christophe was a guest writer for the book "Employee Engagement, What else?" by Inge van Belle and Klaus Lommatzsch

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