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The Online Inspiration Package consists of 3 separate webinars of 45-60min: 1. The Age of Relevance - Tom De Ruyck: Tom De Ruck is a truly global expert in consumer & employee collaboration who has been reinventing the way companies connect with and understand consumers. In this virtual session, he will explore why brands must integrate consumers' voice in everything they do and how a collaborative mindset is key to acting upon this new accelerated consumer reality. 2. CX beyond the pandemic - Alain Thys Alain Thys is an "experience architect". He will review the three forward-looking customer experience (CX) topics that should feature in any company’s 2021 agenda: (1) Solidify the CX capabilities, (2) Recalibrate your understanding of the customer, (3) Get ready to level up. 3. When customer experience is no longer enough Christophe Jauquet is a health marketing expert working at the intersection of marketing, technology and customer-centricity. He will show how this is now the moment to elevate customer experiences from mere enjoyment to actual personal transformation. Experiences should yield those transformations. This evolution will bring marketing back to its core. Marketing is about helping people become the person they’ve always dreamed of becoming. Via the button below you can book a moment in my agenda to discuss your interest in this topic. Let's talk about how we can address your needs with this inspirational session.

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