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Corporate Well-being

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Corporate well-being has increasingly become more important for both companies and employees. There is a huge demand for and an increasing offer of well-being/wellness solutions that are meeting in the middle, this is at the (virtual) workplace. This talk reflects upon the future of corporate well-being. What is coming our way an why might this be important. This keynote talks about digital health start-ups, financial wellness, and the consequences of working from home for both employees and companies: what are the expectations, why they are important and how a company should meet these. Remark: this keynote does not explain how companies should install the best possible corporate well-being approach. It rather discusses the future evolutions of corporate well-being. It talks more about the why than the how. FOR WHOM? For business leaders and HR managers who want to explore the future of corporate well-being WHY? Corporate well-being will increasingly become important for companies and their employees. It is even likely that corporate well-being becomes a very important market for digital health solutions. OUTCOME? The keynote looks forward to the increasing importance of corporate well-being. It will highlight the WHY of this evolution, and explain HOW each and every company might have to incorporate this into their business and employee strategy.

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