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INTRODUCTION: This keynote inspires the audience with the current changes (the digital influx, the world’s fluidity, the need for togetherness,…) by putting them in a future daylight. How will these reshape the healthcare landscape? The keynote offers practical tips and tricks to get prepared for this future. It incites discussions at the network event about what we can do to make this happen? What are the partnerships and collaborations that can be started today? This is the time to go ahead and make a change for the better of the healthcare system, the patients and our own businesses. ABOUT TOGETHERNESS We realise more than ever that we need each other. Think about how we as humans all too often feel alone. Or think about how businesses only thrive when working together or part of an ecosystem today. Here are the two takeaways from the keynote: 1. Together we feel better 2. Together we are stronger Both have a considerable impact on the future of healthcare. The first takeaway defines the future of patient experiences. And the second takeaway is the necessary answer by the Healthcare industry to cope with 2 macro trends: (1) Liquid Life and (2) Blurred Boundaries. The talk contains multiple inspiring examples from within and out of the healthcare industry. It also contains a practical toolkit to improve your patient experiences right away. OUTCOME: The keynote is a call to work together on the future of healthcare. It will help our patients and it will help our business. The talk serves well as a bridge to the network event, as it provides tangible ice-breakers for informal discussions afterwards.

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