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Health has become an even more important part in the life of customers, patients or employees. With his expertise in health marketing, Christophe helps companies and brands to create value innovation to their needs. Via entertaining, creative workshop techniques, you will discover and unlock new opportunities to strengthen the emotional connection with your customers, patients or employees. Let's co-create what program fits the reality of your company best. 


Healthusiasm describes how people are actively pursuing a more healthy and happy life. As these people can be customers, patients and employees, programs can be created for leadership teams, marketeers and Human resources department.


1/2 day Masterclass

Free yourselves a moment from fear & legacy thinking with this interactive inspiration session during 1/2 day. 

1-3 day Seminar

Embark on a journey to better meet the expectations of customers, patients or employees by using the healthizing canvas

Consulting & coaching

Quickly pursue an opportunity that creates impact by adding expertise and/or an additional pair of hands.



Focused on the recurring expectations by health consumers, this program helps organizations and brands in 'healthizing' their products, services and experiences. 

This program carefully dissects and structures the complexity of the recurring customer expectations into easily digestible points of attention and critical business questions. By disclosing the power of health marketing, it also helps companies from any type of industry in approaching this new breed of health consumers. 


This program is tailor-made for organisations from the medical and pharmaceutical industry that are increasingly focusing on patients.

In a world where patients are becoming ever demanding towards their healthcare providers, this program supports organizations in setting up the right culture and approach to serve the patient as aspiring human beings. Through cross-industry inspiration, it will unlock new potential strategies and tactics to meet patient expectations.

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