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Turn your Netflix routine into a workout routine.

The DIY Netflix personal trainer transforms your favorite characters into your coach.

Netflix has become a household name in the past couple of years. It is essentially a storehouse for all types of content, ranging from movies and documentaries to TV series, that is available for a flat monthly subscription fee. But the online platform actually changed the way people watch television. In a time marked by on-demand services, Netflix created the best experience for a night on the couch. By collecting data on its users’ preferred series or movies, an algorithm will suggest the titles that best fit your personal taste. And once you click “play”, the episodes will roll one after the other without you having to leave your couch. Binge watching, the phenomenon of watching multiple episodes, has existed since series were distributed on DVD. But it wasn’t until Netflix hit the home screens that over 60% of the population using on-demand services actually began binge watching. Of course, staying glued to your couch can’t be good for your health. In a world that has been focusing on obesity for the past few decades, this new trend is not welcomed. Studies have even shown a correlation between binge watching and depression. The image of Netflix suffered quite a bit from this, because its link with binge watching was that strong. In fact, in October 2018 an Indian binge watcher made the news globally for having himself institutionalised for his addiction to Netflix. It was time for Netflix to come up with a first tactical health marketing move: you can now make your favourite series character into a personal – yet digital – coach that will oblige you to work out before the next episode can be unlocked, or that will pause your episode if you don’t keep up with the tempo of your exercises while watching Netflix. With this innovation, Netflix makes it possible to personalise your experience into a transformation. It’s unclear whether other health initiatives will follow, but this one surely was needed to manage their image in an increasingly health conscious world.

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