Wellness resort based on Mayan rituals

Mexican luxury hotel group Chablé Hotels has developed a new wellness retreat programme centred on healing physical and emotional distress using elements of ancient Mayan rituals and philosophies. These health-centred retreats are designed to enhance longevity, alleviate stress and heal heartbreak – all key concerns for post-pandemic travellers.


  1. The first of its three programmes is based around immunity and longevity. It includes a harmonising ritual using copal tree resin – a diagnostic tool used to help Mayan healers detect energy blockages and disease. There’s also a guided water ceremony, where guests are exposed to water at different temperatures to increase circulation and reduce tension. Food provided is high in vitamin C to help the body fight pathogens, and features local ingredients like ginger and turmeric, known to combat cellular damage.

  2. Meanwhile, its stress and anxiety retreat includes floatation therapy and massage therapy to soothe a stressed nervous system and clear the mind, yoga, and early morning breathing exercises.

  3. Lastly, the You and the Love Story retreat centres on healing heartbreak and finding rebirth following the breakdown of a long-term relationship (a topic we covered in The Era of Life-Stage Travel) amid the pandemic. Treatments include its Chablé Janzu Water Massage, where guests are submerged in an outdoor pool while a therapist releases blocked energy; and a Temazcal Ceremony – an ancient South American ritual in a sweat lodge that’s said to release mental burdens.

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Healthusiasm Take >> In a world where we are inundated with yet another new digital toy, a very new diet, or a hyper trendy workout, we sometimes want to go back to basics. And those basics sometimes go way back in time. It gives us the feeling of reconnecting with our ancestors, and what provided "health" for them. It is an escape from the speed of all sorts of new things that we have to deal with, to a refuge of old traditions that are often based on peace and our own self. These are Health experiences that can really help us feel different.

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