tweaking your product for minorities

This Nike shoe is based upon a touching case. A 16-year old boy with Cerebral Palsy contacted the firm with the dream to be able to have Nike shoes he could wear without depending on someone to tie his shoes. 3 years after his letter, Nike introduced the first laceless, adaptive shoe.

Early February 2021, Nike announced the most innovative shoe to date: the brand’s first-ever hands-free sneaker, designed to remove the barrier to entry that lacing brings to some athletes with disabilities. But in fact, it really is so universal in its application that it can solve for so many different issues that people have with their shoes: imagine pregnant women in their 3rd trimester who can't bend easily, or people with their hands full when running out the door.

I love how a particular need, of someone with a particular disease, helped to reinvent something we've taken for granted for so long. It could make you think about how a small, yet important, tweak to your product could alter the lives of many.

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