Train daily habits

Taking a walk every day is important for your physical and mental health. You get more productivity and energy after running an "Ommetje" (ie. a walk around the neighbourhood). It also helps you to slow down and improves your creativity. The Ommetje app helps you with this. Start your own hiking competition with friends, family or colleagues or take on the challenge against the rest of the Netherlands. This allows you to walk together in a fun way, without being at the same location. This way you motivate each other to make an Ommetje every day.

The Ommetje app was developed by @hersenstichting, a foundation that has been doing everything in its power for a healthy brain for everyone for the past 30 years. The project was done together with professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder, who tells you an interesting brain fact after every walk.

Neuro science may be super complex, but that does not mean solutions are to be that way. How can you simplify your solutions?

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