The world’s first medical gym

In London, the “world’s first medical gym” celebrated its first anniversary in August 2020. Lanserhof at the Arts Club combines the wellness credentials of the legendary German medical spa with the glamour of one of London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs. Over six floors, Lanserhof at the Arts Club offers a blend of preventive and regenerative medical services alongside state-of-the-art wellness and training facilities. The building is home to an exquisite private members’ gym. Those who join will also enjoy unlimited studio classes, including Pilates and yoga, book personal training sessions, access the changing rooms and relax in the chic Members’ Lounge, where food is served from breakfast through to the early evening. Furthermore, Members benefit from preferential pricing on all services across the club.

Memberships start at £334 per month. For an annual fee of £6.500 (EUR 7531,51), members can enjoy medical screening and consultation services, a bespoke personal training plan and access to the members’ lounge. There is even a butler service for washing and storing workout gear.

Lanserhof at The Arts Club is London’s finest medical and health facility, open to all and specialising in preventative medicine, rehabilitative care, nutrition, fitness and holistic wellbeing. Two different doctors to perform an initial detailed health assessment. Given this information, the medical, biomechanics and orthopaedic specialists work together with further diagnostic testing to establish the precise picture of your current physical condition. This thorough analysis informs absolute precision for the proposed treatment approach. Clients need to look no further for London's most comprehensive health care.

- MRI scans,

- doctors’ appointments,

- Cardiovascular screening

- spiro-ergometry

- stress ECG

- orthopaedics,

- sports medicine,

- gait analysis,

- spine analysis

- movement assessment

- 3T open-MRI

- physiotherapy,

- osteopathy

- chiropractic sessions

- nutrition,

- guided fasting,

- yoga,

- fascia training,

- Pilates

- functional training

- massage,

- facials,

- acupuncture,

- intravenous vitamin infusions,

- cryotherapy a

- ...and much more besides,

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Healthusiasm >> While many will feel that this is too elitist to be worth mentioning, it still shows an important Healthusiasm. First, it is impossible to roll out an impactful experience for everyone from the outset. It is just essential to get the first people on board. Whether these are the most motivated or those with the capital strength, it doesn't matter. You have to pass the first 2% before reaching 100%. That's also how popular trends spread. That's how the future unfolds. It will first be done on a small scale.

And what is happening here on a small scale is to get healthusiastic about. If this is a glimpse into the future of health experiences, it's definitely one to get encouraged by. That way we will be able to reach more people. So let yourself be inspired by the type of services that are provided, the environment (house, interior, clothing) in which it is presented, the way it is presented, the type of menu that is suggested, ... These experiences are a goldmine for anyone who wants to design health experiences.

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