Tackling the next health variable: stress

It seems like every year, wearables are attacking one next biomarker or health-impacting variable: steps, altitude, heart rate, sleep,... and now stress. Several devices are now focused on measuring, analysing or impacting stress levels. After a year, when so many more situations have become stressful, this couldn't have been a better time. Be on the look out for all sorts of new ways, focusing on stress.


Meet @feel_cove >> No matter how busy or hectic your life is, Cove can adapt to your schedule. It’s there whenever you need it—during the day to reduce stress or as you wind down before bed so you sleep better. All you have to do is wear it for 20 minutes a day. As you continue to use it, your resilience to stress will improve, and you’ll become better equipped to deal with it.


Cove regulates your stress levels. IT activates the part of your brain that regulates anxiety. It uses specific gentle vibrations to trigger your body’s response to “affective touch,” one of the many sensations your skin can naturally identify. Through certain nerve fibers, your skin then sends signals to the insular cortex, a part of your brain that processes emotion. Your brain responds by making you feel a deep sense of calm, leading to reduced stress and better sleep.


Cove® is created by Feelmore Labs, which is pioneering a new category of wearable devices that improve lives. It was built on science originating at MIT and Harvard. Experts in neuromodulation, mood disorders, and sleep science from top institutions, including Brown University and Harvard Medical School all collaborated to bring Cove to life, through extensive clinical studies.


Cove has been validated by thorough research, including independent studies at Brown University and the work of a leading clinical researcher from Harvard Medical School. The results speak for themselves. The device has shown both immediate and lasting benefits in stress reduction and sleep quality, through qualitative feedback as well as brain imaging


With stress likely being at an all time high due to the impact of the pandemic, can you identify ways to impact the stressful moments of your customers?

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