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According to data from the China Sleep Research Association, nearly 300 million people in China suffer from sleep problems. Therefore, to solve their problem Xiaomi has just launched a new product that adopts the principle of "brain waves at the same frequency" and which is equipped with EEG AIR sensors: the Xiaomi Speedy Sleep Pillow.

The product uses the magnetic drive of a TMS microcontroller to precisely target brain waves and help users solve sleep problems such as insomnia and easy awakening.

Xiaomi's ultra-fast sleep pillow innovatively adopts medical-grade brainwave sleep aid technology and helps insomniacs fall asleep quickly through several technologies including:

  1. Brainwave isolation collection technology: first pass with 56 sets of miniaturized sensors, which without touching the cerebral cortex, can collect and monitor brainwave signals in isolation;

  2. Intelligent sleep monitoring technology, then transmitted to the embedded Sleeping God chip. The chip is exclusively equipped with 6 intelligent modules and 8 AI algorithms. According to the super algorithm analysis, it is possible to judge the user's sleep state and provide corresponding solutions;

  3. Brainwave microcontroller technology: TMS microcontroller magnetic drive can realize precise brainwave frequency band control. Through the resonance effect, it can be precisely adjusted to the δ frequency band, so that you can easily get a deep and fast sleep.

High quality sleep requires not only "fast sleep", but also "sleep peacefully". In this regard, the Xiaomi Youpin Super Sleep Pillow is equipped with a safety mode and a sleep monitoring function, as well as being able to be connected to the Mijia App at ordinary times. When the user deactivates the safety mode, the sleep aid function can be stopped without worrying about safety risks.

In addition, the original 8mm microparticle airbag can adapt to the height, weight, cervical curvature, and even sleeping position of different users, as well as every movement of the user. While the bone conduction sound module carries the intracranial awakening technology directly, allowing users to rest easily with a kind of private wake-up service.

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There are miniaturised sensors in 56 pieces that capture the signals of human brainwaves in the device. The signals will be transmitted to the embedded chip, which is exclusively equipped with six intelligent modules and eight AI algorithms. The algorithm analysis is able to identify and analyse the user’s sleep state and provide corresponding solutions. The ultra-precise pressure sensors enable the pillow to dynamically adjust the height, volume and hardness in accordance with the peculiarities of the anatomy of a particular person. In addition, the bone conduction sound module provides a private wake-up service. Like most of Xiaomi’s smart home products, users can control the pillow functions and track sleep statistics through the Mijia app.

With more attention being paid to the length and quality of sleep as people realise its impact on their overall wellbeing, Chinese consumers are turning to sleep-aid solutions to help them get a good night’s sleep. Consumers’ elevated expectations of their bedding in terms of comfort and functionality have pushed brands in the direction of exploring novel technology and products. Xiaomi’s smart pillow is likely to appeal to consumers who seek tech-based solutions when constructing a cosy sleep environment. Not limited to simply inducing sleep, it also caters to consumers’ desire to track and monitor the quality of sleep. The ecosystem of Xiaomi could help consumers move from just the standalone device and make broader lifestyle changes.

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