Solutions are more multi-faceted that you can imagine.

After researching and studying sleep patterns, common problems and natural therapies for more than 2 years, Lomme was born. Lomme creates a relaxing atmosphere by incorporating light, colour, sound and touch. It’s a protective cocoon and revitalising environment. A luxurious nest where you can expand your mind, and rest securely and safely from the outside world. Lomme includes sound systems, personalised lighting, as well as the latest bioresonance and sleep enhancement technologies: mattress, lightning simulation, electromagnetic waves and radiation, noice reduction.


They’ve combined natural therapies with cutting-edge technology, creating an environment where you can rejuvenate, meditate, and above all, sleep. After all, bed is where we spend a third of our lives. The state-of-the-art mattress is part-spring, part-memory foam with an integrated massage system, to ensure ultimate levels of comfort. The lighting system is completely customisable, and can simulate sunrise and sunset, gently fading to ease you to sleep, before mimicking a soft sunrise to wake you up naturally. The shell’s arc blocks electromagnetic waves and radiation, protecting you from harmful unseen rays. It also dampers sound, helping to reduce external noise pollution. This truly distances you from the outside world, enabling you to restore energy levels for the day to come.

The bedding industry may be one of the last sectors to be transformed. But it's never a matter of "when". Rather, it is a matter of "how". And often… the answer to that question is more multi-faceted than you can imagine.“
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