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Mobility remains one of the top concerns of aging consumers. Nestlé is therefore launching a milk product for adults, consisting of a unique combination of ingredients supporting the three pillars of mobility: bone health, muscle strength and joint functionality. The powdered beverage under the YIYANG®Active brand has been clinically proven to enhance mobility during aging and it is the first Nestlé product with functional food approval in China.


The product was developed by Nestlé R&D and then tested in a clinical study in a collaboration between experts from Nestlé and from the Peking University Third Hospital. The results of the clinical study showed that the product in combination with tailored physical activity led to a significant increase in mobility of Chinese seniors with joint discomfort and thus improved their quality of life.


What common product used for a specific niche of customers could be valuable for a new type of customers, if transformed according to their needs, expectations and aspirations.

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