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Live Magazine has been the in-house journal of Novartis for more than 20 years, covering all aspects of the company since its inception in 1996. Starting as a newspaper, later morphing into a print magazine. Bringing feature-length stories, videos and podcasts, which give an in-depth view of our breakthroughs in medical research, digital technology and pharmaceutical production, live magazine focuses on the men and women driving change across all aspects of medicine and modern business.

An excellent recognition for #NovartisLiveMagazine has been the nomination as a finalist for the renowned #ifdesignaward2021. It must be a massive boost to their efforts as they continue to improve their own unique creative storytelling style that is authentic and powerful. Because let's be honest: The Novartis Live magazine is also simply exceptionally attractive for what a pharma company usually publishes in corporate communication. It looks sleek. The apparent collaboration with Monocle is paying off.

The January 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer showed that 70% of people consider improving the health system more important than before. The interest in science literacy also grew for half of those questioned last year. It's all about shared purpose. This is what people want to feel. In a world where Pharma gets more attention and trust due to this, this magazine is therefore just right. Pharma is having momentum. How Novartis approaches their communication is therefore an excellent example of both needs.

Overall, I think Novartis is a showcase for their communication initiatives, here's some other great examples:

- Novartis, together with The Lego Group, is one of the sponsors of the SELF Magazine podcast 'Checking In'. A podcast that provides answers to a wide range of health questions, usually not even linked to therapeutic areas important to Novartis.

- Together with iHeart Radio, Novartis has set up a music and radio program. They mix music and informational podcasts on a new on-demand streaming radio station created for the multiple sclerosis community.

- Cyndi Lauper also hosts another series of podcasts from Novartis highlighting PsO patients' experiences.

Pharma has never really been super great at telling appealing stories in a good-looking, trendy fashion. Both the Aesthetic intelligence of communication as well as the appropriate use of contemporary, popular channels, the industry was severely lacking skills and focus. We now live in a pandemic reality in which pharma is gathering lots of attention (and trust). Broad communication and correct image building are more important than ever. There is momentum for pharma to mend its societal image if done properly.

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