Precision medicine in the hands of patients

Updated: Apr 28

Precision medicine will see a fundamental shift in focus away from providers and physicians to patients. Interoperability platforms will integrate episodic EHR, baseline genetic (DNA), continuous fitness and device data streams, and other emerging data like Social Determinant of Health. The key of it all? Patients will drive it.


the Seqster platform now connects users to any source of health data nationwide, including over 4000 hospitals and health systems and 150,000 doctor offices and medical clinics. It has direct access to consumer genomic and clinical diagnostic labs, as well as full integration with fitness wearable devices. The company aggregate three types of data—EHR, genetic, and fitness—in one platform, so individuals benefit from a truly integrated view of both clinical and lifestyle data. Algorithms automatically pull in and display customisable data collections that are disease- and device-agnostic, enabling continuous access to longitudinal EHR, genetic, and fitness data, even while that data is protected with NSA-level security.

The company was founded on the vision of a world where individuals own and truly understand all of their health data. This means that driven by the patients' Healthusiasm, healthcare also has to move in the direction of person-centric care. That is an essential task at hand today: Because patients are already taking up a more active role today. This new role includes improving healthy behaviours, self-management of chronic conditions, and engaging in shared decision making with healthcare providers. However, that currently is not an easy task to do. We have advanced genomic technologies, diagnostic tools and many new rapid ways of generating ad hoc insights. However, patients deeply miss the availability of longitudinal data and effective ways to interact with their own health data. Now, Seqster will finally give patients a way of connecting all the dots, and personalised medicine will finally live up to its expectations. Precision Medicine will be in the hands of the people for whom it matters most—the patient.

In October 2020, Seqster announced an extended agreement with Takeda to help digitally transform those patient experiences. It offers the pharmaceutical company better access to real-world evidence. The recurring challenge will RWE is the absence of crucial patient outcomes data. But integrating real-time data from fitness devices and DNA sequencing into workflows will generate robust data and insights for research and patient services.

As one of Takeda’s collaborators in their digital ecosystem, Seqster is well-positioned as a leading patient-centric technology to help patients in their healthcare journey.

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