Pandemic workout trend

Those privileged enough to be mostly stuck at home this year took to homemade baking like bored June Cleavers. Drive-in movie theaters also sprung up in parking lots around the world. And now it seems that hula hooping has become a pandemic fitness trend, with adult women taking to TikTok and Instagram to show off their skills, according to the Wall Street Journal. They may be using standard hoops, or weighted ones made for heavier workouts, or even a smart hoop that speaks to an app, the story explains.

Wham-O hoops, which are now made by a company called Intersport, were basically sold out by mid-summer, journalist Kim Richters reports. Intersport told the Journal that its US warehouse was “pretty well depleted,” by the beginning of July 2020. Compared to 2019, the company saw sales jump by 20% to more than 1 million hoops last year.

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Healthusiasm >> People may be stuck at home. But what first seems limiting actually is a push to become creative. Basic human aspirations to work out and improve yourself won't change. It might just ask some new ideas or initiatives, that will bring your workout back but even might increase your motivation.

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