Nintendo joins the home exercise trend again

Ring Fit Adventure by @Nintendo is a combination of a game and peripherals. In terms of hardware, you get two main pieces: a leg strap and a large resistance ring. Each of these connects to a Joy-Con controller to measure and track your movement. It is a Role-Playing game complete with worlds to explore, monsters to battle, and items to collect. By combining the two, Nintendo has created something super healthusiatisc: a way to exercise regularly that you can actually enjoy.


One of the first things you do in Ring Fit Adventure is meet a sentient ring named… Ring. It serves as a combination of sidekick and personal trainer, helping you through the game with a steady stream of tips and encouragement. There’s a layer of strategy added in to force you to try different exercises. Most enemies have a color, and exercises are similarly grouped into colours. Leg-related exercises are blue, for instance, while yoga poses are green. So if you come up against a blue kettlebell, you’ll probably want to do some thigh crunches. This becomes particularly important against bosses, which have huge health bars. If you aren’t being strategic about your attacks, you’re going to have a hard time. The more you play, the more exercises you’ll unlock so that you’re not stuck doing the same yoga pose every time you encounter an angry green exercise ball.


The question is how accurate it is in terms of tracking calories and heart rate, but I don’t believe the specifics matter all that much. Instead, the most important thing is how it changed the way you can think about exercise. It’s no longer a chore. By making the experience into something people are intimately familiar with — namely, a nerdy RPG — Ring Fit Adventure gives a structure that made sense and that is enjoyable.


* As our homes have become our health centres during this lockdown periods, working out has become an integral part of our immediate living environment. How can you help people with easily removable, convenient, fun means to work out? *


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