Everyone has the right to take naps – during work hours. It might be a new habit that some of you got into while working from home. But that does not mean that it will need to stop as soon as you can get back to the office again.


It’s been proven that naps help increase productivity at work and home. Instead of drooling over a keyboard or countertop, why not take naps in a safe, calm, comfortable environment? Introducing Nap Bar, the solution for work-wellness and increased productivity. Nap Bar is one of the the first napping centers as a health and wellness experience. Expect a sustainable rest and a full-service Comfort Concierge to help you gently fall asleep and wake up refreshed. The service offers plush organic New Living Bungaloom mattresses, freshly tossed organic cotton sheets, pillows, and swanky surroundings to help ease you into Snoozeville.


This sleep-as-a-service business has a pay by the snooze approach. You pay for the amount of time you've taken a nap. Time starts from 20minutes up to 4 hours.

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