Lifestyle game for patients

Pfizer and the Friends of Haemophilia Society have launched an app game specifically designed to help boys aged four years and older learn about and manage their hemophilia.

Released in Qatar, “HemoHeroes” tasks players with guiding their ‘hero’ through different everyday scenarios, such as exercising, cooking, and bathing. While each of these are designed to be a fun challenge, they also focus on the lifestyle considerations that come with hemophilia, specifically in regard to healthy eating, oral hygiene, household hazards, taking prophylactic medication, and other areas of disease management.

“The game is specifically designed to resonate with little ones, helping many young male patients and their families really understand the merit of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of treatment compliance,” Mohamed Fawzy, Gulf Cluster lead of Pfizer, said in a statement. “With this app, we continue to put patients at the forefront of everything we do, and supporting patients in understanding their condition; key aspect of our patient centric approach.”


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