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@Lego is urging grown-ups to reconnect with their inner nine-year-old to help them escape the stressful barrage of Working from Home and other pandemic related impacts. But saying that "playing with Lego is good for you" isn't just playground chatter – they have a solid scientific basis. And indeed, consciously living in the present moment – as you’ll do while adding the final bricks to your Lego Millennium Falcon – is proven to reduce stress. Research by Lego did find that 91% of adults felt noticeably better after playing with the building blocks, while 86% said that it made them feel more relaxed. Scientists at the University of Otago did already find that activities such as completing sudoku or jigsaw puzzles and filling in colouring books encouraged a state of mindfulness.


Already in 2018 Lego launched a pilot called Forma, a Lego set for not made for kids. This pilot was very much about exploring new routes, innovating with new audiences and testing ways to fast-track product launches. In January 2021, Lego now has released a surprisingly charming pair of build kits that you might turn into a centrepiece. The release includes a 756-piece flower bouquet set and an 878-piece bonsai tree set. This Botanical Collection lets you build a bouquet and arrange the flowers however you please.

What are the hidden benefits of your products or services that you have not yet discovered?


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